Objectives and Functions of KNCPC

I. To establish a conglomeration of Pentecostal Christian believers subscribing to the teaching of the word of God, the Bible.

ii. To facilitate a conducive environment for the clergy to understand and appreciate the dynamics, mechanics and fundamental elements that are hurting the true Christian Gospel today.

iii. To establish county Congress forums all over Kenya.

iv. To train, ordain and commission ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and commission them to go out and spread the same gospel to all the people of the whole world as instructed in Acts 1:8, starting with Kenya.

v. To lobby and advocate for a Godly nation that honours God and obeys His laws-(Isaiah 33:22).

vi. To dismantle the works of the devil in Kenya, which may manifest in the form of witchcraft, spiritism, idolatry, backward cultures, traditions and norms that keep people in bondage and darkness.

vii. To shine the light of Christ in the once so-called “dark continent ”(Africa) and elsewhere.

viii. To form leadership segments from the grassroots to the apex, from the sublocation, ward, district, county, region and country.

ix. To acquire, own, and manage the moveable and immoveable property. Engage in income-generating projects to aid the realization of ongoing programs and other objectives.

x. To establish and run social centres such as care centres, schools, colleges,universities, health facilities and other social institutions for the physical and spiritual benefit of the individual Christian and the community.

xi. To push, print and distribute printed materials such as newspapers, magazines, books, and newsletters. To own radio and television stations for disseminating religious, educational, entertainment and sports news and information to benefit individual Christians and the body of Christ.

xii. To appeal for, generate and accept funds (in cash or kind) from members, friends, donors, partners and supporters for the furtherance of Congress programmes, activities and all such other purposes as defined by these objectives.

xiii. To pay for the services provided to the Congress by either employees or other professionals engaged by Congress through contracts or otherwise

xiv. And, to do all that appertains to the calling into the Ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as well as doing all such other things incidental hereof, and therefore which are conducive to the above-stated objects, provided that such other activities shall be following the teachings of the Word of God which is the Holy Bible.